Practical help

Time to let others experience your city in your favorite way!

Urban Guides are created to show tourists the city through the eyes of the local – you!

Writing an Urban Guide is about sharing the magic of your city to others. Submit your guide through our online form.

When you write an Urban Guide, don’t try to please. There is already enough of that to go around. The very thing that is magical to you, no matter how strange or humble, will be a hidden treasure to someone else as well!

Writing a guide is a pleasure when you first recall what is the magic you experienced in your city. Then you can list all the places where it can be found. If you have nice pictures of the places, feel free to share them. It is also possible to share a YouTube video content.

Practically you need a cover image for your Urban Guide, four special locations, four hotspots, two activities to do and a recommendation of a place to stay.

We are here to help you with your guide. Together we make your city magical again.