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What if? You could give somebody the possibility to experience and fall in love with your city in the way you do?

Hello Residents of Amsterdam

We believe that the magic of a city lies in the eyes of its residents. When visiting a city, it is not the big monuments that make you fall in love with the city. It is the little things that can turn a city into a magical experience. Those places are the hidden treasures of a city that you don’t find that easily online. Urbanguide is a unique platform where local residents can create digital city experiences based on their interests. By matching the interests of a tourist with the interests of a local resident, a tourist can interact with the resident and, for a small amount of money, download the digital city experience.

Hello international tourists

Maybe you are into gardening or photography. Together with the local residents we will make sure that you will have a day with the best photography or gardening hotspots in the city you aim to visit. For a small amount of money you can download the guide into our app that will help you navigate through the city. 

We are Urbanguide, together we can make a city magic again.

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