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Vintage treasure hunting

Welcome to vintage Berlin

Last year I went to Berlin with my girlfriend where we had a wonderful time searching for vintage furniture. We love industrial furniture such as lamps, crates etc. Because Germany has a rich industrial history it's easy to find the right stuff for a good price. I wrote down all the highlights of our weekend so you can have the best vintage treasure hunt in one Sunday.

Chris Hudepohl

Co-founder UrbanGuide

Sunday at brunch Pasternak

Pasternak is a great place to spend a couple of lazy hours before you start the vintage treasure hunt. On weekends, there is an amazing, good value all you can eat brunch with Russian specialties at Central European staples.

This famous Russian restaurant serves fresh food in nice surroundings and a quiet terrace. Pasternak offers interesting daily breakfast options based on the Russian culinary tradition, from sirniki (Russian curd pancakes with jam, fruit and sour cream) to lolochos (organic scrambled eggs with Russian sausage, fried potatoes, salted cucumbers, butter and brad). Plus there's a varied Sunday brunch buffet from 9 am to 3 pm.

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The best antique spots

Sing Blackbird
Flohmarkt Berlin
Made in Berlin
J&V Fine Industrial Vintage

Michelberger Hotel

This hotel has been designed by internationally renowned designer Werner Aisslinger, who has worked hard to make sure the whole place yells youthful creativity. 

The big round desk that acts as reception is part of a large, open lobby area that has a deliberately unfinished feel and contains a characterful café and lounge. There’s also a courtyard that doubles as a beer garden and concert venue and the café / bar stays open all night long (and serves a decent breakfast in the morning).Like the rest of the hotel, the rooms (all 119) are individually designed in a dizzying variety of themes (a chalet, a library) and contain plenty of Berlin-style “flea market” furniture and cheeky fixtures like mirrors dangling from ropes.

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