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Utrecht - the student city

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Medieval city with the youngest population in the Netherlands - what's not to love! Utrecht has one of the largest student populations of the Netherlands, over 60.000 students. At the same time the city centre is one of the oldest of the Netherlands. Be sure to combine both of these elements to have an epic but cool vacation in this vital spot of the Netherlands.

Enjoy the cool vibe of Utrecht in the surprising restaurants. If you have time, get a ticket to Dinner in Motion, a restaurant that will take you to places. Blauw is definitely worth a visit,  nasi goreng, sateh and so on which many people consider to be Chinese food really originates from Indonesia, a former colony of the Netherlands. LE:EN is a super cool asian fusion restaurant located in an old factory building - they also have cultural events. Want a dinner, movie and drinks? Head to Louis Hartlooper Complex, which offers it all. To see students in their natural inhabitat, check out De Vingerhoed and have a beer while you're at it.

The Botanic Gardens are an institution for science education and research, but also a beautiful place to visit. See Utrecht's attractions in a different light on the Trajectum Lumen tour, where internationally renowned light artists have designed artwork to pay homage to the history of Utrecht. Go underground on DOMunder tour to explore the 2000 years of the city's history. Try a different kind of tour with Utrecht Free Tours, a volunteering based concept originating from the Couchsurfing community in 2011. Who knows, maybe you will also learn something...

Dinner in Motion

Restaurants you didn't see coming

Louis Hartlooper Complex
De Vingerhoed

Experiential learning

Utrecht Botanic Gardens
Trajectum Lumen
Utrecht Free Tours

Eye Hotel

Welcome to Eye Hotel, located in a historic building in a lively part of downtown Utrecht.

Eye Hotel has a rich history which dates back to the 17th century. From city mansion, to the temporary location of the local eye hospital, of which the famous Dutch ophthalmologist Franciscus Cornelis Donders, was co-founder. 

Eye Hotel has 36 rooms, which are all unique, practical, surprising, authentic and outstanding. Down to earth service and “eye for detail” make Eye Hotel one of the best places to stay when visiting Utrecht. 

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