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One of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world - no better place for a shopping spree

Exciting blend of modern and historical

Combine the modern comforts, hip nightlife and a dash of luxury with the cultural scene in the local historical setting. And shopping.

Kaubamaja is something you literally can't miss - it has a central location and something for everyone. REEDE has actually nothing to do with Estonian design, but it's such a cool streetwear shop! Pillerkaar sells only natural cosmetics made in Estonia. Les Petites Design is one of the shops which offers the products of young Estonian designers.


Estonia has a unique cuisine which the restaurants are bringing up-to-date with the help of excellent chefs and loyal customers. As for the nightlife, the trend among locals has been visiting cafeterias and restaurants that transform occasionally into nightclubs. 

Tallinn Aerial Tour

Something to bring back home

Tallinna Kaubamaja
Les Petites Design

Modern comforts

Parrot MiniBar
Kohvik August
Paar Veini

Merchants House Hotel

In the historic heart of town you can find this hotel that was once a home of a medieval merchant, dating back to the 14th and 16th century. 

For a good night's sleep, you might want to book a room facing the central courtyard. Enjoy a good breakfast after a good night's sleep. The hotel is known for its great location 10 minutes’ walk from Tallinn city center, close to museums, the cathedral and the castle as well as a harbour and parks. Located in the center of Tallinn, it is just a stroll away from Tallinn City Museum and Toompea Castle. Many shopping centers and boutiques are situated next to the hotel. There is also something to see in the hotel itself. The hotel is located in two houses with medieval exteriors, narrow corridors and secret stairwells, ceiling and wall paintings, balconies and wooden ceiling-beams. 

Check out the hotel
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