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Untouched places you need to visit before they fill up with tourists

One of Italy’s last undiscovered gems

Puglia is Italy’s ascendant region, a place where savvy travellers bored or worn down by the crowds of Campania and Tuscany escape for something a bit less frenetic and manicured.

Top of the list for prospective newcomers is the food. Puglia’s cucina povera is about as earthy as Italian cuisine gets without eating it straight out of the soil. Then there’s the exuberant architecture, best summarised by the word...

Italy’s last undiscovered gems

"The slow-paced villages that make up Salento boast a stunning landscape, deep-blue seas, centuries of history — and are blissfully isolated from the 21st century."
New York Times

Great locations to visit

Relax in Masseria San Domenico
Learn how to make Orecchiette
Experience the Castellana Caves
City plaza

Moments of Apulia

Sleeping in a Trullo

Stay there one night and sleep in one to see what these ancient structures are all about.


One of the must do things while in Apulia is to go to Alberobello, located in the Valle d’Itria a unique UNESCO site dotted with the iconic trulli.

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