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Untouched places you need to visit before they fill up with tourists

By Guido Terlouw


An amazing arctic experience

By UrbanGuide


Vintage treasure hunting

By Chris Hudepohl


A paradise on earth

By Hester ter Harmsel

We are UrbanGuide

We believe that the magic of a city lies in the eyes of its residents. When visiting a city, it is not the big monuments that make you fall in love with the city. It is the little things that can turn a city into a magical experience. Those places are the hidden treasures of a city that you don’t find that easily online. Urbanguide is a unique platform where local residents can create digital city experiences based on their interests. By matching the interests of a tourist with the interests of a local resident, a tourist can interact with the resident and, for a small amount of money, download the digital city experience.

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